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eco2 research eco2's marine research and education programmes combine consultancy with marine environmental mapping and monitoring, and environmental education for visitors and locals.

Working in Mikindani Bay, Mtwara Harbour and, under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park, in Mnazi Bay, eco2 encourage's our customers to get involved in our Special Species Observation programme and dedicate their dives to helping monitor the marine life of this unique underwater environment.

To date, our work has mapped the inter-tidal environments of Mtwara Harbour and begun a programme of transect monitoring. In addition, with the help of our visitors we track endangered species and log populations of indicator species such as butterflyfish.
During 2013 we will be creating research education initiatives under the eco2 research breaks banner. Through these, visitors will be able to receive training in fish and marine life identification and surveying.

In addition, we will be developing a number of research proposals and seeking volunteers to help gather data. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at

Geometric moray eel

Thorny seahorse

Emperor angelfish
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